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On August 14, 2007 Rev. Richard Schoeller of the Summerland Church of Light in Hauppauge, Long Island, NY gave a "Trance and Transfiguration" demonstration at Assembly Hall, Lily Dale, NY.   There were 50 plus in attendance and they were treated by Spirit relatives who were also in attendance for this "phenomenal experience". 

Many took advantage of checking the cabinet constructed of wood and black velvet curtains.  A red light was clearly visible and illuminated the area the medium would sit.  The room and podium were also lit by the light inside the cabinet yet it was easy to see everything.  Peg Johnson, NSAC Bookkeeper and Rev. Sharon Snowman, NSAC Secretary witnessed placement and construction of the cabinet by three men given instructions by the medium, Reverend Schoeller.    Paper, brushes and paint were placed on one side of the cabinet on the outside and on the other, a trumpet.   These were also inspected by many in the room. 

After opening with a prayer Peg Johnson sat on one side and Rev. Sharon Snowman sat on the other side of Rev. Schoeller.  In the dim red light, attendees were able to visually see ectoplasm-like white fog flow along Richard's frame to the curtain, climb the curtain and reach to the light.  A circle of ectoplasm extended about 6 inches from the light and was commented on by onlookers.  Some in attendance recognized family members.   Many people transfigured over the medium, most were recognizable, those that were not were described verbally.  

Spirit relatives that were recognized were: William and Jane McGarvie, Dennis Heintz, Victoria Barnes, Steve Morse and past NSAC President, Rev. Joseph Merrill.  (below) 

Among the witnesses that night and whose written comments this story comes from are:  Irene McGarvie, Judith Murnan, Theodore Rivers, Marilyn J. Awtry, Mike Morley, Ann Barrett, Ellen Morse, Peg Johnson and Rev. Sharon Snowman. 

It was commented on that Reverend Schoeller has been growing in this area of Mediumship and those in attendance at Lily Dale on the night of August 14, 2007, were witnessed to this.  It is in this type of phenomenal growth that we as a Religion will be able to bring back the old type of mediumship within a new light and grow in their chosen field of mediumship. 

To all who are reading this, always be willing to learn no matter how much you think you already know.   Spirit always has more in mind than we do!
Rev. Richard Schoeller NST, Does It Again!      
Rev. Richard Schoeller, NST National TrusteeRev. Joseph Merrill NSAC 6th President
Rev. Richard Schoeller, NST
NSAC Trustee
Rev. Joseph Merrill, NST
NSAC 6th President
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